About Us

Ahwaz Fragrance maintains a standard of originality and exquisite luxury to satisfy the most demanding patrons of fragrance. Ahwaz Fragrances are for those who desire  more than the normal but a high class perfumery wizardry. They  are looking for an experience beyond simplicity,a fragrance with complexity and a real story. Ahwaz Fragrance’s strong point is about taking the perfumer’s art to its extreme where it becomes a masterpiece.
Ahwaz was founded in 2013,  London, and has been the study and research of luxury. To help create our superior fragrances, we work with a Master perfumer who comes with a very  enriched background in perfumery, working hand in hand with the best perfume production team in France.
Nature is at the heart of Ahwaz Fragrances providing the perfumer with essences, oils,absolutes, resins and infusions extracted from plants from around the world. Moreover, modern laboratories can isolate, reproduce and invent new amazing molecules with scents that perfumers use to create new compositions. This is essential in the creation of Ahwaz Fragrance.
Besides composing perfumes, true perfumers are specially trained to select the ingredients that reach the level of excellence for their worth, no matter the cost, because ultimately a good perfume is a balanced blend of natural essences and chemical molecules of maximum value to make the imagined work a reality.
Ahwaz perfumes are presented in the most elegant and opulent form, that the presentation in itself will seduce you before you are immersed with the scent itself.

The Story Behind Each Fragrance

Oud Jamais Vu

It’s a scent you have never experienced before. It’s like a dream that is so real that it will take you to the future of the Arabian Oud scents. Where, you start feeling the most luxurious ingredients of perfumery in just one fascinating fragrance. It’s where Iris like pink diamond, Oud like solid gold, Amber like jewellery blended with  Sandal, patchouli and Tonka bean amazingly refreshes your memory in each of these notes. This wonderful scent is what we call the masterpiece of luxury perfumery.

King’s Harem

This seductive scent takes you to the harem, at night time. Lose yourself in the scent of amber and sweet spices in the air where the hot blood and young king is with the most beautiful girls of the kingdom. The feel of hot kisses and the touch of silk and velvet. The scents of flowers and sandal woods of the room that mix with burning bokhor in the air, all together leaves you breathless of joy. It is the scent of whispers that been heard outside the doors of the harem till sunrise.


Morning Mist

It’s so bright. So fresh! As Morning Mist  it brings the scents of the forest to the city, you can feel the spices of the forest and broken wood, as it picks up the scents of citrus zest of farmers that make limoncello before the sunrise on its way.



Helwa is one of those perfumes that have the power of love. There’s something about its simple, sexy, warm aroma that makes it irresistible to (almost) everyone in distance. It will gently pull you away and take you to the land of vanilla and caramel where everything is made of vanilla and sweet toffee. It enhances the scent of beautiful Amber which is why it’s called Helwa as it’s beautiful and sweet.


Oasis of the Sahara

This scent will take you to the hot sunshine of the Sahara where you find a beautiful little oasis. On that moment you will be mesmerized by the spicy woody scent of Patchouli grown around the lake which is also the home of some deers.

The breath taking scents of Musk is in the beauty of the fresh and cool shadows under the trees. You can feel the scent of Tonka beans in the cool fresh breeze, as it slides over the water and touches your skin.

The scents of old Sandal and Cedar woods on the ground that has been overheated in the sun makes oasis of Sahara a dream for you luxury life style.


Scent N°13

It’s been said for many years that all the best perfumes in the world are made of 12 different scents. However, there is a 13th. For thousands of years perfumers are looking to find it. It’s the legend of perfumery. It’s said that when N°13 is added to the perfumes it becomes tremendously powerful, that you can control the world and make every one fall in love with you.

There’s a story  that’s been told, that, an empty vial of a perfume that carried scent N°13 has been found in Egypt, in one of the pyramids. When it was opened  and the scent was released, everyone in the world felt happy and in love, for a moment.  This day, we present to you our secret formula in scents N°13 from Ahwaz fragrance.


Absolute Spring

It’s like a painting of fascinating  scents  that you dream about. It takes you to the most amazing spring of your life. It leaves you in the land of lily of the valley where you’re lost in the warm rays of the spring sunshine.

You will encounter the beautiful feeling of fresh breeze sliding on the rose garden as it gently moves touching the velvety scents of orange and cherry blossoms in grandma’s garden before it takes you through the scents of amber and white Musk kept everywhere in her house. As it blends with the beautiful scent of freshly picked Jasmine, in the early morning, that’s left to dress the tea table, it gives you an experience that nothing can ever buy.


Forbidden Scent

It will bring you to the secret garden where the forbidden trees have been kept  away from everyone. The garden is full of magical candid fruit scents  that has been mixed by the scent of the flowers from every corner of the garden and is enhanced by vanilla, caramel and amber. It feels like a beautifully scented river floating through the  garden. It’s forbidden because of its fascinating magical scents that enhance your real beauty .

Majestic Amber
 the walk on a hot summer’s day in the Arabian souk. The potent scents of spices filled the air, in the quest to fulfill a shopping list for his majesty the king. The list…
2. Vetiver
3.Ceder woods
5. Patchouli
6. Labdanum
The long list for creating the Majestic Amber perfume for his Majesty the king.

Midnight mist

 the gentle Mist creeps through the mystical Ylang Ylang trees and scattered wild roses, entwining with the scents and freshness of the mist. The white musk, ceder and patchouli latch onto the mist as it continues it’s journey into the darkness of the rain forest.