Imperial Green

75ml         2.6fl Oz
Extrait De Parfum
Main Notes : Bergamot, Orange ,  Mandarin , Rose ,Lavender , Cedar wood , Cambodian Oud , Ambergris, OAk moss .

Presenting Imperial green, a perfume that embodies sophistication and allure. This mesmerizing fragrance begins with an invigorating blend of Bergamot, complemented by the delightful citrus notes of orange and mandarin, intertwined with refreshing green spices. At its core, you’ll find a perfect harmony of calming lavender and lush roses, offering an enchanting experience. Yet, Royal Enigma’s charm doesn’t stop there. The fragrance continues to fascinate with its deep base notes, encompassing the cozy warmth of dry woods, the subtle elegance of Cedarwood, and the earthy depth of Nagarmotha. This majestic perfume defies simple categorization, keeping you enthralled and yearning for more. Surrender to the lavishness of Cambodian oud, the earthy allure of oakmoss, and the sumptuous warmth of grey Ambergris Each component adds to the regal character of Imperial Green, a perfume that epitomizes the spirit of luxury and mystery. Embrace the splendor of this exceptional fragrance and make it your signature scent.

Fragrance family : Citrus Green – Aromatic Woody – OUD 
Imperial Green




Imperial Green


Imperial Green


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Cambodian Oud